Janasena MLA In Trouble For Supporting Pekata Rayallu

Janasena MLA In Trouble For Supporting Pekata Rayallu

With the motto to do clean politics, Pawan Kalyan has established Jana Sena Party. Though the party did not get good results in the elections, Jana Sena was credited for not indulging in tricks to get votes from public. Jana Sena has won only one seat and it is from Razole. Rapaka Varaprasad is known for being honest and a humble man. In a setback, a police case has been filed against him for reportedly backing people playing cards (Pekata).

Going into details, the police have arrested nine men who were caught playing cards on Sunday in Malikipuram of Razole constituency. Learning about this arrest, Rapaka Varaprasad has reached the police station with nearly 100 of his followers and demanded the release of the detained. Rapaka's trusted men tried to physically assault the police too and later pelted stones on the police station.

There was a tense situation for a while and the police who got alerted, deployed additional man power to tackle it. Things settled down and the police have booked a case against Rapaka for trying to stop a government officer from doing his duty and also damaging government properties. This entire episode took place like a high drama as the series of events were so.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is yet to get updated on this event. How will he react and what sort of action will he take if Rapaka is found guilty. If Pawan takes serious disciplinary action, then he would certainly prove that he is the hatke politician among the contemporaries.

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