A Big Party Is Pressuring Me To Dissolve Jana Sena: Pawan

A Big Party Is Pressuring Me To Dissolve Jana Sena: Pawan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has once again claimed that a big political party is mounting pressure on him to dissolve Jana Sena in them and Pawan made it clear that he will not succumb to pressure. Pawan met Jana Sena leaders at party's office in Vijayawada and in this meet, he made the above statements.

"For human values and national integration, Jana Sena was formed. I will not bow down to anyone," said Pawan. He advised party leaders, workers and activists to express their opinion and inner thoughts directly to him instead of saying something on road and infront of media. "This is not Congress party and everyone should be careful using social media," said Pawan.

"I know my strength and weakness. Like so every leader should get to know about their's. All Jana Sena members should go and assist the flood hit areas in Andhra Pradesh," appealed Pawan.

Probably this is for the umpteenth time that Pawan has opened about getting lucrative offers from national parties but he is not revealing the names as usual. It would be interesting if Pawan discloses the names and then it would lead to a huge debate.  

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