Lokesh Trolled For His Tweet on Floods

Lokesh Trolled For His Tweet on Floods

Nara Lokesh's shocking allegation that ruling YCP is conspirinig to flood their residence at Undavalli has become the center of jokes. Lokesh alleged that YCP leaders have resorted to stop water flow with the help of boats thus in turn it would create flood near Chandrababu's Undavalli residence in which he is living on rent. Lokesh said the boats "planted" by YCP near the gates of barrage came out due to the force of water from three to four gates. He asked ruling YCP leaders to use their "brains" in ruling but not in creating difficulties to Opposition leaders.

"YCP leaders tried to sink a few boats to stop the water from passing through the gates. Now the boats are coming out of the gates due to the speed of the water flow. The intention was to submerge our leader Chandrababu Naidu's residence by increasing the water level upstream of Prakasam barrage," wrote Nara Lokesh on his micro-blogging site.

Netizens have come down heavily on Lokesh's comments on conspiring floods. They shot back at Lokesh saying how can one "create flood" and "divert" it towards Naidu's residence. The politicizing of the flood issue by TDP and the use of "Drone Cameras" over Naidu's residence - that was claimed by Irrigation Department to stock the flood situation - have all embarassed the TDP at the end.

In fact, several pro-TDP leaders too finding fault with Lokesh's tweet. Earlier, Lokesh's comments on Bandhar Port being shifted to Telangana by KCR too got shocking replies from netizens. Yet again, Lokesh is becoming soft target for trolls. Lokesh's tweets and comments are turning big head-ache to party seniors who are caught off-guard.

 It is high time, Lokesh should be careful while communicating on social platforms.