'In Corruption, KCR Govt is No. 1'

'In Corruption, KCR Govt is No. 1'

BJP's Telangana state president Lakshman has come down heavily on CM KCR. He alleged that the TRS leaders, who were supposed to serve people, are running behind commissions. Lakshman alleged that KCR government is No.1 in corruption.

"KCR who claims Kaleshwaram Project as brainchild has increased project cost from Rs 30,000 crore to Rs 1,00,000 and took 6 percent commission in the project," alleged Lakshman.

He said KCR family is taking commissions in every government scheme. KCR, who came to power by showing Chandrababu Naidu as a demon, has left out the public welfare and focused on commissions from the projects, further alleged Lakshman.

"KCR who is ready to splurge Rs 500 Crore to construct Assembly hasn't paid the dues of Arogya Sri. Poor people in Basthi colonies are prone to Dengue, Malaria and other diseases. But no one in the government is bothered about the health of poor people. Government GOs are not being placed in official website for public information. 1400 GOs. issued by 5 government departments are missing in the official website.

Lands are being offered to political parties for very cheap rates that is an acre is being offered for meager Rs 1. Without having DPR, KCR is showing color cinema to the Telangana people in the name of Kaleshwaram Project."

Talking about National Project Status for Kaleshwaram Project, Lakshman said without providing DPR how can the Union Government accord National Project Status to Kaleshwaram.

He said the Union Government has given Central Water Commission (CWC) permission to Kaleswaram Project considering the people welfare although the state government failed to provide the DPR (Detailed Project Report). Lakshman went onto criticize KTR over preaching peace. He said it is like devil preaching Vedas.