Lachanna...CM KCR's Phone Call

Lachanna...CM KCR's Phone Call

Telangana CM KCR never hesitates to call people, farmers in distress directly to enquire about the on-ground situation. On Friday, KCR has done similar when he had called Sirisilla district's Boyinapalli Mandal ZPTC former member Lachcha Reddy to enquire about he Madhyamaneru Inflow water.

Lachcha Reddy was shocked when KCR had called him personally. First Lachcha Reddy got a call from CMO (Chief Minister's Office) who told him that CM KCR wants to talk to him. As phone was transferred to KCR, Lachchanna was surprised. KCR asked him, "How are you Lachchanna? Where are you?" When Lachchanna replied him that he was in his farm and busy in rice seeding (Vari Natlu), KCR asked him whether there is any benefit to farmers with the flood water arriving to Madhyamaneru Reservoir. KCR asked Lachchanna to go near Madhyamaneru Reservoir and talk to him.

After Lachchanna called KCR from Madhyamaneru Reservoir, KCR enquired how are the local farmers after the flood water. KCR asked whether all the farmers are happy and any benefit to them? Lachchanna replied that the farmers are very happy. He said the farmers have begun the rice seeding (Vari Natlu).

Lachi Reddy requested KCR that there are some minor problems related to R&R package for expats and urged him to resolve them for their benefit.

KCR immediately directed the issue to officials. He asked Lachchanna to meet the district collector regarding the same. Later, KCR has spoken to MPP Parlapalli Venugopal. KCR had asked MPP about the total inflow. MPP Venugopal had informed KCR that there was 1600 cusecs water and 7000 cusecs water was released to farms.

KCR told MPP to inform farmers about the benefits of Kaleswaram water. KCR asked him to show the inflow of flood water through a video call. But it wasn't possible as the video call couldn't happen.

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