Talk Of The Town: Yamini Sadineni

Talk Of The Town: Yamini Sadineni

TDP spokesperson and hard-core supporter of the party and party chief Chandrababu, Yamini Sadineni, has become quite famous for her harsh criticism and befitting counters to TDP's critics.

In very short time, Yamini became a popular face in political debates and several debates were centered around her given the controversies involved with. Yamini's fluent Telugu and her witty counters did helped her to achieve the celebrity status in AP politics in little time.

While Yamini had made severe comments against BJP and Narendra Modi and their gross injustice to AP in the past until 2019 polls, her fresh move to join AP's BJP has come as a big shocker to many. Yamini Sadineni's meeting with Kanna Lakshminarayana is the talking point right now. A picture of Yamini with Kanna is now going viral. This is irking TDP fans who are venting out their anger and hatred on Yamini.

Several TDP fans and TDP's favorite media couldn't digest Yamini's entry into BJP. Old pictures of Yamini's protests and her critical comments on Modi and BJP are being widely circulated online. This has caught Yamini off-guard as she doesn't have a proper response to shot back now. Yamini is maintaining silence on her critics and trolls who are sharing her old comments. Probably, Yamini could only defend later by claiming that BJP is the only option for AP's development.

But one thing is sure. Yamini Sadineni episode has once again reminded us the popular quote, "There are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends, only permanent interests in politics."