Burada Politics: Paid Artists By TDP

Burada Politics: Paid Artists By TDP

The politics in Andhra have hit new low. While the war of words between ruling YCP and Opposition TDP continue, a video by Opposition party targeting the ruling party on the floods have become hot topic.

The opposition had slammed ruling YCP over floods. It posted a video on its social media page using some of its own "paid artists" who were shown as farmers affected by floods and common people affected by floods and they accuse the government of not carrying any relief works. Interestingly, YCP's social media wing has shot back with a befitting counter by "exposing" TDP's conspiracy.

YCP has shown how the "artists" featured in TDP's latest flood video had earlier surfaced in the TDP's official advertisements during elections. YCP leaders have come down heavily on TDP's use of "paid artists" to target government. They said TDP is resorting to such "cheap tactics" to defame YS Jagan government. However, they said it is TDP which is becoming "laughing stock" as they say the people of AP are with YCP.

YCP's Roja has attacked Chandrababu and Nara Lokesh for such acts. Roja said "Pappu" Lokesh's Tweets expose his lack of knowledge on issues and how he keeps embarrassing himself and his party on issues like 'Artificial Floods by using Boats'. Roja asked TDP to stop its "Burada Politics" (Politics of mud-slinging) and to seriously focus on people's issues.

Looks like, TDP also losing the track and is getting into verbal spat with YCP and tarnishing its own image.