The Man Who Troubles YS Jagan & YSR

The Man Who Troubles YS Jagan & YSR

Municipal Minister Botsa Satyanarayana's comments have not only invited severe flak from Opposition and the farmers, realtors in capital region, but the senior leaders of YCP from Krishna and Guntur district are also shocked and disturbed by Botsa's sudden and crucial comments in the absence of CM YS Jagan.

Managalgiri MLA and CRDA Chairman Alla Ramakrishna Reddy and several others were said to be unhappy with Botsa's comments as the former have promised to the people during the polls that Capital Amaravati is safe and it would be developed under YS Jagan's rule. However, Botsa gave rude shock to all of them by citing Sivaramakrishnan Committee report. He had also stated that the matter will be discussed in the cabinet meeting thus keeping the option of shifting the capital open. This tongue of slip nature of Botsa in Jagan's absence is creating debate among its own leaders in the party.

With YCP leaders itself divided into two - one section wants Amaravati to be retained as Capital and other section wants it to be shifted, the whole episode has become a big head-ache to Jagan who is presently in the US. Jagan is now finding it difficult to tackle Botsa's unwanted comments. Jagan may comeback and throw blame on Naidu and TDP for floods and can defend his own government. But it needs to be seen how Jagan would address Botsa issue. The whole issue has also tarnished YCP's image in Guntur, Krishna districts and also among the thinking people in the state as these speculations only bring down the image of the state and its capital city.

But this is not first time for Botsa to encounter into such controveries. Earlier too, Botsa had created trouble to his own party and the ruling government in which he is part of. When he was industrial minister in late YSR's cabinet, Botsa's actions and comments have made the state lose crucial Volkswagen manufacturing unit which had planned to set up near Vizag.

An alleged scam pertaining to Volkswagen deal got broke that turned big trouble to then CM YSR who found it difficult to handle the whole episode. The issue had also tarnished YSR's government then. Overall, Botsa has become the Man of Trouble for both father, son duo. It's time for Botsa to learn lessons from his past.