Win in 1 or 2 seats will keep their hopes alive

Win in 1 or 2 seats will keep their hopes alive

Politics has the resemblance to the game of snakes and ladders. You can never be sure about your position in this game. Everytime, someone tries to climb the ladder, a snake will be looking out for an opportunity.  

The present by-polls in the state is very crucial for the three major parties YSR Congress, Congress and TDP respectively. While YSR Congress is aiming to prove dominance, Congress is battling for pride and TDP is fighting for its existence. Whatever the plans of these parties might be, the consequences will depend on the by-polls result. 

YSR Congress: All the 17 MLAs who voted against the government during No Confidence Motion are the loyalists of Jagan. So, only a clean sweep could satisfy the YSR Congress party men. If it loses more than 2 seats in the by-polls, then it's completely lost.  

Congress: As per the party leaders, all the 18 seats belong to Jagan's party. Winning in at least two seats will give a big relief for the party's state leaders, as it would give them a chance to save their face before the Delhi heads. 

TDP: None of the 18 constituencies were represented by Telugu Desam MLAs. So, a win in at least one seat will boost their morale. 

Both ruling Congress and opposition TDP were almost at a same situation. A win in at least one or two seats for these parties will keep their hopes alive in 2014 polls. 

JUNE 15 is special day in the history of state politics, as a clarity will be coming on the future of three major political parties. Few hours to go, the long wait will come to an end!