Computers Robbed from Kodela's office?

Computers Robbed from Kodela's office?

Andhra Pradesh Assembly officials were supposed to reach former speaker Kodela Siva Prasad's office today to take back the furniture. Ahead of this, media reports have come out that computers at Kodela's office went missing. The police were informed regarding the same but after sometime, people at Kodela office claimed that they got back the computers. The police believed something fishy here and started to investigate the whole episode deep.

The police in their initial probe found out that the persons who tried to rob the computers are the old staff of Kodela's office in Sathenapalli. The police also suspect that the people who have done this might have cleared the data in the computers and have doubts on a municipal employee by name Arjun's role in this robbery attempt.

Kodela earlier claimed that he kept the assembly furniture at camp offices in Amaravati, Narasaroapet and Guntur. But the computers were placed at Sathenapalli camp office and in the computers, important data related to Assembly was reportedly stored.

Dramatic developments are happening at Kodela's offices and residence in Guntur, Sathenapallui since mid-night. What could be the real intent of people who took the computers for just few hours? Did they steal the data in the computers? The police are thoroughly investigating this case.

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