Viral Video: Jagan's Humble Act

Viral Video: Jagan's Humble Act

Jagan's detractors and critics may deny and argue about Jagan's humble nature. But here is the sample of his humility and modesty that were demonstrated at an official event of the state government on the eve of Independence Day. CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was honouring the forces and when one of the badges of a police personnel fell on ground without the notice of the personnel, it was CM Jagan who quickly reacted and picked up the badge from the ground and handed over to the officials next to him.

Even before officials responded, Chief Minister himself has responded and bent down to take the fallen badge. Officials present over there were quite shocked and stunned by the act of Jagan. The whole episode has two take-away points. One is the humble act of Chief Minister and how much he respects the Honorary Badge. Second point is how quick and sharp a Chief Minister is than the set of officials. As a leader, Jagan has set an example with his act. He has proved to his officials that how humble a public servant should act.

The video has come into the light little late and this video is going viral. Jagan's fans and followers are widely sharing it online and interestingly, this video has turned several people into Jagan's fans. Even the people from other states are praising Jagan's act and hoping that they should also get a CM like this.

Meanwhile, it can also be recalled that former CM Chandrababu Naidu too had done such humble acts when he was in power. When Naidu had met Nitin Gadkari during TDP's good relation days with BJP and Gadkari was honouring Naidu with shawl, the paper in which Shawl was covered had fallen down. Naidu was quick to respond as he had picked up the waste paper from ground and had thrown it into a nearby dustbin. This act of Naidu had shocked several BJP leaders too. Naidu was quite senior to all the leaders who were present there, but he did so by setting a new precedent.

The leaders of AP are setting these precedents by displaying their humbleness at public events. Young and dynamic CM YS Jagan has joined this. But the moot question is that whether Jagan would show similar humbleness with his governance, administration too or not. Let's wait and watch.