Wanted: Troubleshooters For YS Jagan

Wanted: Troubleshooters For YS Jagan

Barely three months into ruling, YCP has been struggling to face the Opposition. Issues like stopping of works of Polavaram and capital construction and cancellation of tenders and war with the Centre over the cancellation of PPAs, failing in Disaster Management in floods in Amaravati and losing investments to other states are a few among several issues that are bothering the ruling Jagan government. While Opposition not only succeeded in cornering Jagan, it also made sure that national media too found fault with YS Jagan administration.

Especially, media has been highly critical of Jagan administration. This is upsetting CM Jagan to the core. Despite reaching out to several heads and management of media, Jagan government hasn't got concrete support from them. Jagan has been wanting the ministers and other party leaders to strongly counter opposition and his critics. But none of them have strongly come out to defend the government.

Critics continue to attack Jagan administration. Jagan's PR machinery too failed to create the positive buzz on his government so far. This led Jagan to hire a PR to deal with national media. Jagan has recently appointed Devulapalli Amar to handle national media. Apart from this, Jagan wants troubleshooters from the party to do their best to counter Opposition and critics.

Considering the recent incidents where Opposition hit hard the ruling YCP, Jagan decided to encourage party leaders to be the troubleshooters of his government. This is a golden chance for the party leaders to use the opportunity and to be in the good books of Jagan.

If one uses the chance and gets to the notice of Jagan, certainly, Jagan could think of promoting them in his next cabinet expansion. Already, Jagan isn't happy with a few ministers in his cabinet and likely to change them in his next reshuffle. So, this is a good chance for YCP leaders to shine.