Economy slow down impacted Telangana: KCR

Economy slow down impacted Telangana: KCR

Telangana CM KCR is worried about the economy slow down all over the country and added that its effect is clearly visible on Telangana. KCR presented the full-fledged budget in the Telangana assembly on Monday. Speaking he said, "I distressed to present the budget in the assembly when the country is going through a lean phase in its economy."

Adding post the implementation of Good and Service Tax (GST), the centre has compensation the states for a year. "After the first year, Telangana did not take GST compensation from centre. But this year in April and May, the centre paid Rs 175 crore and in June and July months, it is Rs 700 crore. This shows the state is going through financial instability," said KCR.

Coming to the Telangana budget, KCR read out the total budget of the state is Rs 1,46,492.30 crore which is against the Rs 1,82,017 crore interim Budget proposed earlier this year. The Revenue expenditure stands at Rs 1,11,055 crore and capital expenditure is Rs 17,274.67 crore. KCR said the state government has spent Rs 20,925 crore towards free electricity to farmers and received Rs 31,802 crore for central government schemes.

Budget Allocations For A Few

Rythu Bandhu - Rs 12,000 crore

Rythu Bima - Rs 1,137 crore

Corp Loan Waiver - Rs 6,000 crore

Aasara Pensions - Rs.9,402 crore

Arogya Sri - Rs. 1,336 crore

Municipalities - Rs 1,764 crore

Grama Panchayat - Rs. 2,714 crore