Big Fight in TRS: Owners Vs Tenants

Big Fight in TRS: Owners Vs Tenants

The comments of ex-Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy has triggered a hot debate among TRS leaders. After Etela Rajender and Rasamayi Balakishan, Naini's critical remarks indicate that all is not well within ruling TRS as there is a lot of disappointment among party's senior netas.

Particularly, Naini Narasimha Reddy's comment of 'Owners' versus 'Tenants' in the party has brought out the differences between old netas and new netas in the party.

While a section of seniors who have been sailing with the party since the time of Telangana movement, a lot of leaders have jumped into TRS after the formation of the state. Especially, after TRS stormed to power, several leaders from TDP and Congress have joined TRS.

Now, there is a feeling among the hard-core TRS leaders that KCR is giving importance to the leaders who came from other parties. The recent cabinet expansion has fueled to the ongoing rift within the party.

With Sabitha Indra Reddy getting ministry, several TRS aspirators for minister posts are said to be crying foul over the rise of 'immigrant' leaders in TRS.

This popped up the debate of 'Owners' versus 'Tenants'. It can be noted that Naini commented, "KCR is the head of the family. We are the owners of the house (TRS). It is the wish of tenants (who came from other political parties) that how long they stay in the house and when they want to leave."

Overall, it is a storm in TRS. But we have to wait and see whether it will end up like a storm in a teacup or turn out into a real storm.