'Antha Bagundi' says Modi at 'Howdy' event

'Antha Bagundi' says Modi at 'Howdy' event

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Howdy Modi' event at Houston was a big success. 50,000 Indian Americans and the top brass of President Trump government have graced it and Modi took his chance to send a strong message to Pakistan but indirectly.

As we all know, Pakistan is trying its best to highlight the issue of 'Article 370' internationally and is also prepping up itself to raise this topic at United Nations Assembly scheduled later this week. Pakistan is alleging that there is unrest all over India on the Kashmir issue.

Taking indirect potshots at Pakistan, PM Modi said, "I'm nobody without 130 crore Indians. This event is called 'Howdy Modi' and I would like to reply by saying 'Everything Is Fine.' Then Modi said, 'Everything Is Fine' in different Indian languages and in Telugu he said, 'Antha Bagundi.'

Not stopping here Modi went on to make comments on nations that are supporting and sponsoring terrorism. “India and the US are in same page when it comes to dealing with terrorism and the two nations are committed to eradicate the terror groups and move towards peace," said Modi.

The PM also gave thumbs up for Trump government and added that 'Abki Baar Trump Sarkar' to which President Trump kept laughing.

All in all Modi's speech drew a lot of applause from the people present at the venue.