6 Police SIs Suspended For Watching Sye Raa!

6 Police SIs Suspended For Watching Sye Raa!

For watching 'Sye Raa' movie in Kurnool today early in the morning, six police sub-inspectors are suspended by they District SP if reports are to be believed. If we look into the news, here is what it says.

According to reports on Telugu channels, six sub-inspectors who work under the Kovalakuntal and Nadivargam stations have gone to Sye Raa special benefit show on Wednesday morning. As per rules, they should inform authorities about attending a movie screening and avoiding that is against the rules.

Enforcing a suspension, Kurnool SP is said to have got serious on his officers for not following the rules. Guess what, the names like Kovalakunta and Nandivargam could be seen in Sye Raa movie as the Britishers ruled all these places and left their long-lasting mark as well. And these are the places where the story of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy takes place.

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