#RTCStrike: TRS Lost the key Support in Huzurnagar

#RTCStrike: TRS Lost the key Support in Huzurnagar

The TSRTC strike has made CPI party to give a second thought about its support to the ruling TRS party in the Huzurnagar by-elections.

A week back CPI has announced that it would be supporting TRS in the by-poll and after that the RTC went for strike. Initially, CPI backed the TRS in RTC strike and also said it is not appropriate to go for strike before the festival season.

However the RTC JAC has intensified its protest and on Wednesday they organized an all-party meeting. CPI was also invited and speaking at this event state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy said, "We are not convinced with the government's idea to remove 48,000 employees at one go. We will stand by the side of employees and will not that happen at any cost."

He further said if the TRS government continues to be stubborn, we would also think about our support to the ruling party in the Huzurnagar by-election.

RTC strike has severely impacted the common man and this will certainly reflect on the result of by-election. CM KCR should definitely take Huzurnagar by-poll result seriously if it comes the other way.