Harish Rao's Silence Worries TRS

Harish Rao's Silence Worries TRS

Harish Rao's strategic silence on the RTC strike has become talking point in political circles. Harish is a mass leader and has good contacts across the unions.

But his silence on the burning issue like RTC strike is worrying TRS leaders. Harish is always considered as trouble-shooter. He is known for resolving the issues with knack. But his silence at such a crucial team is working against the party.

Inside talk is that Harish stands by the side of protesting employees. This is said to be the reason for Harish's stoic silence on the issue. On the other hand, it is also buzzed that CM KCR has directed all its leaders to not talk about the issue.

Especially, after Keshav Rao's comments. But TRS leaders are worried that silence of senior leaders would further add to the growing negativity on government. As Huzurnagar by-election and municipal elections are around the corner, TRS leaders want the issue to be solved at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the indefinite RTC strike has entered its 16th day. The normal life has hit across Telangana. There is hue and cry from common people who rely on public transport.

With both government and employees unrelenting to go back on their stand, the issue has become a big headache to public. There's growing dissent against the government and it's high time, KCR should take notice of it.