Chandrababu's U-Turn: Karnataka To Maharashtra

Chandrababu's U-Turn: Karnataka To Maharashtra

In the 2018 Karnataka assembly elections, TDP chief Chandrababu who quit ties with BJP, campaigned against the saffron party. Post the election results, Congress and JD(U) alliance formed government and Chandrababu graced the swearing-in ceremony of Kumaraswamy as Karnataka CM. But then Congress-JD(U) government did not last long and the rest is history.

In the general elections, Chandrababu went all out against BJP but it did not work. TDP secured a humiliating defeat and this has made Chandrababu to go soft on BJP. In the recent times, Chandrababu has restricted himself talking against BJP even though the saffron leaders are continuously attacking the TDP.

Exactly a week back, Chandrababu personally thanked Home Minister Amit Shah for restoring AP capital Amaravati in Indian map. This caught the attention of national media and political experts. Many believe that Chandrababu is deliberately going soft on BJP so as to patch up the differences.

Another incident of the TDP honcho being silent on BJP is the Maharashtra 'power' game. BJP and Shiva Sena were on a tug of war for the CM chair. Dramatic scenes witnessed in the last one week and finally Shiva Sena grabbed the CM chair. Last evening Chandrababu formally greeted Uddhav Thackeray on taking oath as CM through his social media handles like any other politician.

Even though BJP has clarified that the doors are closed for TDP in NDA, Chandrababu is taking many turns that ultimately lead to BJP. Will the TDP leader's efforts pay off? That looks tough but never know politics change in minutes if not in seconds.