Neekenduku Thalli Aa 'Brand'la Vishayam...

Neekenduku Thalli Aa 'Brand'la Vishayam...

Last week AP Assembly witnessed roars after roars between the opposition and ruling parties. This week the sessions started on a lighter note and brought some cheer in the house. All thanks to Rajamahendravaram city MLA Adireddy Bhavani.

This TDP MLA questioned the YSRCP government on its new liquor policy and criticized that though it appears that the government wants to ban alcohol, its action speaks different. "The government claims that they have reduced the shops all over the state but the revenue is reasonably good and there is no change in it. This is mainly due to high rates on the alcohol and rents for the stores. I got it to my notice that the government is paying huge rents to YSRCP activists for this liquor stores," said Bhavani.

Then the following statements by Bhavani made the members erupt in laughter. "Earlier there were many brands but now they are very less. The government is also encouraging those brands which get them maximum commission," added Bhavani. Speaker Tammineni intervened and said, "Neekenduku Thalli Aa Brandla Vishayam... Vallu Matladutharu Vadileyyu." This is a funny moment and everyone in the assembly laughed at it.

Continuing further, the TDP MLA said that there is a shortage of excise officials and at many places, the scrutiny is not going on as per the standard. Bhavani also said that the government needs to trainer the people properly working in the liquor stores. There are complains that the people working in these liquor stores are using filthy language against costumers.

Overall, the TDP MLA tried its best to corner the YSRCP government on a serious issue but it ended up as a fun moment.