What is Citizenship Amendment Act and why People protesting?

What is Citizenship Amendment Act and why People protesting?

There are countrywide protests with people in Assam and students at various universities in Delhi protesting strongly against BJP government's Lok Sabha approved the bill, which has now turned into the Citizenship Amendment Act. The common man, however, fails to understand, what is this bill and what is the ruckus all about. Here goes it, in simple.

What's the Act?

The 'Act' says that refugees from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and if they hail from six communities including Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Jains and Christians, will be getting Indian Citizenship after they are residing in India (even illegally as a refugee) for a period of six years.

The 'Act' says that as people from these communities are being religiously persecuted in the above said countries, they will be given citizenship.

What's the problem of protestors?

There are two batches of protestors now, one who is completely against the bill and the other ones are fighting against the exclusion of Muslims from the bill.

In Assam: People are protesting because this region has a lot of immigrants and refugees coming from Bangladesh and Burma, and they are mostly Hindus and Buddhists. If all those refugees are granted citizenship, then they fear locals will not get jobs due to huge competition.

In Delhi, West Bengal and Kerala: Students are protesting because when refugees of all other religions have the chance to get Indian citizenship, why are Muslims from those countries excluded is their major question. They say, the Indian constitution treats everyone equal, no matter what their religion is, and are calling that this Bill is against the constitution.

While opposition parties including Congress are blaming Modi government for making the 'act' against the constitution by excluding Muslims of other countries to become immigrants in India, BJP says that the bill aims only to curb infiltrators.