Hyd: One over-speeding fine for every 6 mins

Hyd: One over-speeding fine for every 6 mins

Looks like the twin cities commuters are taking the traffic rules and regulations on a lighter note as a result in the last 11 months, challans that got registered are worth Rs 107 crore.

The traffic cops express concern over the increase in traffic violations despite taking a number of measures. Till November month, a staggering 29 Lakh over-speeding challans are filed and due to this there is also rise in road mishaps. On an average 58 accidents are getting reported and in this 16 people are losing their lives while 60 people are getting injured. In the twin cities for every six minutes, an over-speeding challan are reported.

Going by the traffic police department stats, many of such incidents are reporting on the national highways. For the above mentioned period, 570 cases were filed under Cyberabad region, 503 cases under Rachakonda, 310 cases under Sangareddy, 239 cases under Warangal, 204 cases under Khammam, 185 cases under Siddipet and 178 cases under Nizamabad region.

The road safety officials claim that over-speeding, new vehicles adding to the roads, overloading by heavy vehicles are some of the reasons, for the road accidents and so the challans are getting filed in large number.

The traffic police are working a number of initiatives to creative awareness among the day-to-day commuters but it is all up to the person who drives following the rules and regulations.