Hats Off To Amaravati Women!

Hats Off To Amaravati Women!

Unfazed, undeterred and unperturbed Amaravati women have unleashed an all-round attack on Jagan administration over the proposed capital shifting. The Stree Shakti in Amaravati is posing a major challenge to Jagan government and giving sleepless nights to local leaders of the ruling party. Even as the protests of students and youth of Amaravati is impactful, it is the angry protests of women farmers which is making a lot of noise.

The Mahila Lokam is giving jitters to YCP leaders. While cops have house arrested the opposition leaders, people - particularly women - have voluntarily turned to protests indicating that the going gets tougher in Amaravati for the ruling party leaders. If the protests of women continue with the same intensity, this may even force the MLAs of ruling party in the region to tender their resignations.

Jagan government is now worried about the huge anti-sentiment from women since women voters have a great influence over men voters in the coming Municipal elections and next general election. Even the intelligence reports are indicating that there is a huge negativity against Jagan government in the state in very less time due to confusion over capital and stalling various development activities including Polavaram project.

Yet, despite all this, Jagan is determined to go ahead with his plans of shifting Secretariat and administration to Vizag and thus make it an Executive Capital. Amaravati women too look determined and intensified to counter state government's move. Amaravati is now looking like war zone. Women, youth, men of various ages are voluntarily taking to streets. This is a people's movement in AP after a longtime and since it is from farmers, this is drawing attention of the Centre as well. Women who never comes out of their houses are hitting streets which is a worrying development.

One must admit this - Hats Off to Amaravati Women! The women have all put up a brave fight against Jagan government's decision. Let's wait and see, what is in store.