Pawan With BJP: Alliance, Merger Or Failure?

Pawan With BJP: Alliance, Merger Or Failure?

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan's voice loudly echoed at a meeting when he said the words 'We will die if we have to, but will never join hands with BJP, and we will protect our pride and respect of Telugu till the end'. What happened yesterday rubbishes his own words and in this case, it is miles away from the statement 'anything can happen in politics'.

It is not an exaggeration that many Janasainiks lost their respect and love for Pawan Kalyan and Janasena when Pawan decided to sit next to the state BJP leaders and speak about progress and development of Andhra Pradesh. We can imagine what more the neutral people can think of him now, other than recalling how Chiranjeevi merged PRP in Congress and Pawan is no different except the number of seats his party won.

Why? or Why Now?

Pawan Kalyan said he would fight and question for 25 more years during the last campaign, but will never go after ministries or money. The only question on Pawan Kalyan joining hands with BJP now, is 'why?'.

Pawan Kalyan built his political profile as a left ideologist, admirer of communism and Che gue vera. Many started wondering what common ideology brought Pawan Kalyan and Modi, BJP and Janasena together, that too when there is no election anywhere near what made Pawan Kalyan announce an alliance in a hurry.

Forming an alliance as he did with TDP and BJP in the 2014 election was different and made sense, though he always differed with the BJP's policies. His act now, in a way, is contradicting his 'ministries and money' statement!

The same Pawan Kalyan promised to fight and question for special status and he shook hands with the same BJP which denied special status and nobody knows what happened to the special package.

Left or Right? Neither But Inconsistent

Pawan Kalyan officially joined hands with BJP and it obviously made many Janasainiks angry. When he failed to win a seat for himself in the last election, Janasena supporters did not lose the spirit. They even started a fundraising campaign for the party and his alliance with BJP must be shocking and irking them a lot. He promised to question and be there for years, but made more political jumps than asking many questions is what he did.

Many Janasena supporters started recalling his inconsistency all these years, like his alliance with communists, meeting Mayawati, alliance with Chandrababu and Modi and many more.

Communist leaders openly slammed at him that their ideologies never match and he is not what he is claiming to be. Why not? Inconsistency is what is called when Pawan Kalyan made an alliance with left parties and he turned 'right' within seven months.

Benefits BJP or Pawan?

Chiranjeevi announced his PRP merging into Congress and he could then support his decision showing the Mahila reservations etc, which he never spoke off later.

Pawan Kalyan's interest in BJP makes no sense because the same central government refused to favor the AP state with the Kadapa steel plant or the Duggirajapatnam port or the Visakha railway zone or the Universities. In fact, BJP did no good to the state of AP and the Janasena chief finding BJP as a partner for next elections seems to be a move to destruct his own credibility if any.

Pawan Kalyan's alliance with BJP will benefit BJP more, and it will further make the chances bleak for TDP in the coming elections. YSRC is predicted to lose nothing much with this new alliance, not at least more than what Pawan Kalyan and TDP does.

YSRC made allegations earlier, that BJP, TDP, and Janasena are stills the secret alliance, and Pawan Kalyan opened his part if they were true.

Alliance Or Merger?

Pawan Kalyan's alliance with BJP for the next elections must be his strategy. But what has struck many minds is that if Pawan Kalyan is dealing with just an alliance for next elections or a merger in future that endangers Janasena itself so the actor can go back to films.

The pressmeet itself pops the ideological difference between the leaders Pawan Kalyan and Kanna Lakshmi Narayana when asked about Rayalaseema High court. Only Pawan Kalyan should be knowing why he joined hands with BJP and how it benefits the state!