PRP To Janasena, Money Plays The Key Role!

PRP To Janasena, Money Plays The Key Role!

The obvious allegations on 'package' deserve the top slot ever since the Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan somehow found his party's ideologies coincide with that of BJP. Janasena was not what he says is today, because when it was launched his speeches about revolution, development, society, and caste no longer make sense when he feels that BJP, along with him are the saviors of state Andhra Pradesh.

Well, we need not really discuss on 'package' or 'power' greed here, as the money allegations remain the same for their permanently not-proved status and about ministries, the alliance should register a win to talk about it. Here we are talking about the Janasena founder's money from his pocket that he has to spend for the party and its future, but not the package he allegedly takes.

Pawan Kalyan founded Janasena in 2014 and faced two elections from which he managed to gain trust, at least not much trust that can win a seat for himself. He has to spend his own money to maintain the party, meetings and other stuff. There is no big shot with loads of money to support his party and neither has a rich funding firm on his side. Unlike his movies where he is paid huge even when the whole crew of film works harder than him, Pawan has to look after many issues on his own money with Janasena.

Building the trust for the party from booth level cadre and first-level party workers needs stability and money, both, unfortunately, were not sufficient enough. So drawing comparison to how Chiranjeevi merged his party in Congress, Chiru too needed large chunks of money to spend for the party and his dream of becoming CM appeared to remain the same. So he decided to choose films over politics when he found nothing much is happening in politics and he had to do it before one of the younger heroes claim the throne in Telugu cinema.

A similar scenario seems to be repeating here as Pawan Kalyan is slowly moving towards the films, where he gets the money and the BJP will call him when he has to give an emotional speech also by taking care of Janasena, which no longer is a serious political party. From the man who promised to stay here for people for decades to the man who ignored the public, real Janasainiks to strike an alliance with a political party, surprisingly with the same ideology, is Pawan Kalyan for us. The money he needed to maintain the party appears to be the culprit or cause of this alliance.

While many political analysts suspect a merger if this alliance makes its presence felt in the next elections, the admirers of Janasena are worried if the party completely vanishes if it does not make the needed in 2024. For now, he is Kamala Janasenani.