New Twists In Prudhvi's Case, Officials Clueless?

New Twists In Prudhvi's Case, Officials Clueless?

Actor-politician Prudhvi had to resign from SVBC Chairman position post the leakage of phone call conversation.

Prudhvi's resignation and press meet venting out his anguish were done days back, but the new twists are said to be troubling vigilance officials. The AP govt appointed a vigilance team to carry out an investigation on allegations against Prudhvi, but the team is now clueless with absolutely no progress in the case. They are not even sure if they can find anything against him.

The employees at SVBC were questioned and many of them reportedly made 'revelations' but no one is ready to put it on paper. Their reluctance to give a written statement is not allowing the vigilance team to go ahead with the next step.

Another twist is that the woman from the phone call, who reportedly agreed on being sexually harassed is now refusing to talk to vigilance, neither she wants to file a complaint with police in this regard. The woman is heard to be refusing to cooperate with officials as she did not want to defame herself further.

The officials on this investigation were left with no written statements or police complaints, without which they can not take legal action on Prudhvi. The AP Govt is not ready to put Prudhvi back to the position he was removed from, even if he walks out clean from this harassment issue.