Resolution to probe Insider-Trading passed in Assembly!

Resolution to probe Insider-Trading passed in Assembly!

Right from the beginning, the YSRCP government is alleging that Insider-Trading happened in Amaravati. Not just alleging, the government made a clear cut statement in the Assembly that many TDP leaders have bought lands in Krishna and Guntur districts before announcing Amaravati as capital of AP.

Yet even after seven months, the YCP government could not initiate a probe. TDP has dared the Jagan government to launch a probe and so did the BJP and Jana Sena. As the 'Three Capitals' bill got stuck in the Legislative council, the YCP government decided to corner the TDP in a new way. Accordingly a resolution is passed in the assembly for detailed investigation on Insider-Trading allegations.

"Passed the resolution in the #APassembly over the inquiry into insider trading charges against the TDP and other leaders. The insider trading took place in Amaravati, government will launch a detailed inquiry into the issue and will be caught hold of culprits. #InsiderTrading," tweeted AP Home Minister Mekathoti Sucharitha.

On the first day of special Assembly sessions, AP finance minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy alleged that TDP leaders have acquired 4070 acres of land in Amaravati.

So will the probe on Insider-Trading prove TDP wrong or will it remain as just a rumours? Never know!