Comedian Ali To Join BJP?

Comedian Ali To Join BJP?

Telugu comedian Ali is moving pawns to join Bharatiya Janata Party very soon if the latest happenings are anything to go by. The star comedian appeared at BJP's Delhi office and there began speculations that he was there to meet some senior BJP leaders to join the party officially.

Ali denied all the party-changing political speculations saying he went to meet Central Minister Prakash Javadekar to arrange an appointment with PM Modi to discuss a Hollywood actor's interest to visit India and meet Modi.  

While these 'Hollywood' reasons for Ali visiting BJP leaders at Delhi are not very convincing, it is clearly evident that he is soon going to leave YSRCP as his aspirations were not fulfilled there. Though Ali could not get a chance to contest from YSRC, he reportedly expected a nominated post like Prudhvi and other actors who have been loyal to CM Jagan. As there is nothing much happening for him at YSRC, it is heard that he has decided to shift his loyalties to the national party.

Comedian Ali had been a staunch supporter of TDP for years until he joined YSRCP just before the recent elections in 2019. The reason behind this seems to be the denied TDP ticket to contest from Rajahmundry which was given to the senior leader Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary.

Ali joining YSRC was a shock as many expected that he would be following his best friend Pawan Kalyan towards Janasena or he will be staying with TDP like all these years. Pawan Kalyan too passed several comments on Ali for not being with him and Janasena, for which Ali too countered him with facts, in a rather soft tone.

Now with Pawan Kalyan shaking hands with BJP and Ali in talks with BJP bigwigs, the rumors began that the best friends would be seen together again on a Saffron campaign vehicle in AP very soon.