KCR Dares Modi, What's Up?

KCR Dares Modi, What's Up?

On a success high with the sweeping of Municipal polls, Telangana CM KCR for the first time has opened up about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He appealed to Prime Minister to roll back his government's decision. "I appeal to honourable Prime Minister of India to rethink on the Citizenship Amendment Act," said Telangana CM KCR.

Strongly opposing the CAA, KCR commented that the bill would change the global perception on India and would "lower" the image of Indian community. He said Indian students who go abroad for higher studies and opportunities would face the heat and would be branded as the people from "religious" country. KCR went onto rebuke CAA to the core and said Indians would be treated as "traitors" in abroad if the CAA is enacted. He said India and Indians have great respect in foreign countries and that respect is now in "danger" due to the CAA.

KCR said Brand India would take a "beating" in the global community. He said it is the matter of India's "image" and "pride" in the world and stressed the necessity of CMs of various states and leaders joining forces against the CAA. KCR said the silence on this would not be good to India and India's future.

"15 to 16 Chief Ministers and several regional parties, opposition parties across the country are against to the CAA," said KCR. KCR said Telangana Assembly would soon pass a resolution against the CAA. He said anti-CAA and anti-NRC meeting would be held in Hyderabad along with the other CMs and national leaders in Hyderabad. KCR further stressed that the federal system is the saviour of Indian democracy.

CM KCR said the CAA is against to the very preamble of the Constitution of India. He said this is against to the Constitution's spirit. He said the Supreme Court of India should take it up as a Suo Moto case and should strike off the CAA.

KCR's comments on the CAA have not gone down well with the Centre and BJP who are now all set to counter his comments. By daring Modi, KCR has belled that he is all set to focus on national politics again. This is adding fuel to the ongoing speculations of elevating his son KTR as the next CM of Telangana.