'Delhi Parties Doing Silly Things'

'Delhi Parties Doing Silly Things'

Two days after the municipal election results, TRS party on Monday has finalised the candidates for Municipal Chairman and Mayor positions at 108 places. A few were postponed to tomorrow due to unclear majority in the corporations.

In this election, both the national parties BJP and Congress were confined to single digit. However, TRS tried to snatch away the elected counselors and ward members. In order to checkmate TRS, BJP and Congress have joined hands. Muktal Municipal Corporation was bagged by BJP but it had to take the support of Congress party.

The opposite happened in Manikonda Municipal Corporation. BJP has supported Congress candidates for Municipal chairman and vice chairman positions.

Calling this unethical, TRS working president, KTR said, "Congress calls TRS as 'BJP's B-Team' whereas BJP accuses us of 'Congress B-Team.' Who is who is now learned by public. These Delhi parities are doing silly things."

Concluding KTR hoped that they would win the Karimnagar Muncipal Corporation as well.