Andhra MP voted in Telangana Munici'polls'?

Andhra MP voted in Telangana Munici'polls'?

Telangana BJP chief Lakshman has lashed out at TRS working president KTR. Yesterday KTR called unethical alliance of BJP and Congress at few municipalities and added that Delhi Parties are doing silly politics.

Reacting on this, Lakshman said, "Before and after the elections, TRS party did many irregularities. It is unfortunate and laughable that KTR is advising us. Are these even elections which were held with money and muscle power?"

Adding, "TRS party has no trust on Telangana people and so they relied on Andhra people. An Andhra MP has voted in Telangana municipal elections. What is the need of Andhra MP to vote?"

But the million dollar question is, who is the Andhra MP who voted and why did he vote when he is representing the neighboring state?

Will KTR reply on BJP chief's remark? Don't think so!