Amaravati lands to be donated for the poor?

Amaravati lands to be donated for the poor?

AP CM YS Jagan is in no mood to go back on 'Three Capitals.' He made it clear to PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah whom he met last week. On that note, the protest of Amaravati farmers has entered 64th day and they are likely to receive a huge shock from the AP government.

According to highly placed sources, the YSRCP government is planning distribute Amaravati lands to the poor. As part of 'Nava Ratnalu' which is CM Jagan's prestigious project, he wants to distribute land to 25 Lakh beneficiaries who come under below poverty.

However, the government is finding it difficult to gather land for this project. From the entire 13 districts, the state government has less acres of land under its control. Compared to other districts, the government has very less land in Krishna and Guntur districts. But from these districts, the government needs 4000 acres to distribute for the poor.

So the government has assigned officials to look out for private land and acquire them as much as possible and as early as possible. This has become a tough task for officials as they were being attacked by Amaravati farmers. The farmers have learned that the YSRCP government is planning to distribute the lands of Amaravati villages to poor.

On one hand they are upset that they did not get the plots in return for the contribution of land for the capital during TDP's regime. Now this plan of government to give away the Amaravati lands to the poor, is making them rage in anger.

Jagan had plans to take up this project for Telugu New Year i.e, Ugadi and has invited PM Modi for this. This is a master stroke by Jagan as by giving away lands for the poor in the presence of PM, the farmers can be tackled and the capital shift will go on smoothly.