Sonia Applies 'Fevicol' In CM Kiran Seat

Sonia Applies 'Fevicol' In CM Kiran Seat

'Fevicol' is one of the popular adhesive in the country which can almost stick any pieces together. Finally, CM Kiran has come out with flying colours from Delhi office, as their boss has applied 'Fevicol' to his seat. We mean that Sonia has confirmed that there is no change in CM candidate till 2014.

'Your intentions will not come true', CM Kiran stressed to the media while coming out of Sonia's office in Delhi. He looked happy and smiling when he stepped into his car from where he is heading to Hyderabad by evening.

Sources revealed that after discussing with Chiru yesterday, Botsa and Kiran today, Sonia has come to a conclusion that there is no need to change leadership. However, there will be some major altercations in the cabinet and other posts within the party to share power equally between cadres, a source said.

PCC Chief Botsa also confirmed that there is no co-operation problem in the party and there is no change of rulers in the state. 'Media has created rumors that there will be changes in AP Congress leadership after President Election. We have never thought of any changes and nothing sort of is happening now', he said.

From couple of days, AP Congress is storming Delhi to submit their reports. Looks like, that has come to an end now.