India Spending 100 Crs On Trump's Visit!

India Spending 100 Crs On Trump's Visit!

Everything is planned for US President Donald Trump's first India visit on February 24 and the Indian government is spending a huge 100 cr rupees to host the POTUS.

There were controversies on Modi's government sending evacuation notices to slums in Ahmedabad and building walls to hide them from Trump's sight during his visit, still, a vast amount is spent on beautification of the Ahmedabad city. Nearly 85 cr rupees are spent by Ahmedabad authorities for Trump's three-hour visit to the city while the total expenditure on Donald Trump's visit to Gujarat is equal to 1.5 percent of the annual budget of Gujarat.

Gujarat government is deploying 12000 police officers around the Motera cricket stadium, the world's largest cricket stadium that can host one lakh people and where Trump will address the people. The state authorities also spent some 30 cr rupees on building the infrastructure around the stadium.

The roads from Ahmedabad airport to Motera for around 20 kilometers were relaid and widened, and the controversial wall is also being erected alongside the road connecting to Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport to Indira Bridge, to hide the slums behind the wall.

Plantation of fully grown date palms along the Sabarmati Riverfront stretch cost Rs 6 crore and more than 150 masons have been working day and night to reach the deadlines. Just for the Trump's route construction and resurfacing, the government will spend Rs 80 crore, around Rs 15 crore for security, Rs 7 to 10 cr for transport and refreshments for more than one lakh guests at Monera inauguration, Rs 4 crore for cultural performance and a Rs 6 crore for the beautification of the city.

The visit of Trump to India is expected to make historical changes in trade deals of both the countries.