Are they Amaravati farmers or TDP Goondas?

Are they Amaravati farmers or TDP Goondas?

YSRCP Nagari MLA Roja faced the heat of Amaravati farmers. On Thursday Roja reached SRM University at Nerukonda to take part in a summit and getting to know about Roja's arrival, a few women protesters gathered at the university entrance. They raised slogans against YSRCP government and demanded justice.

Roja too had information of Amaravati farmers protest and so she tried to enter the university through back gate. But protesters were also present at the back gate. Upon her arrival, the women protesters surrounded her car and stopped it. The police stepped into action and cleared the way for Roja's car. Fumed over this, the YSRCP leader reacted quite harshly on TDP chief Chandrababu.

"This is a pre-planned attack on me by none other than Chandrababu. If this repeats again, I will not tolerate and will not let Chandrababu move an inch in the state," warned Roja in anger.

Later the YSRCP social media handle shared the pictures of Roja being heckled by protesters. It added that Chandrababu is targeting YSRCP MLAs and even not sparing government officials. "In the masks of farmers, TDP goons are attacking YSRCP leaders. This shows Chandrababu is doing filthy politics," wrote the Facebook page of YSRCP.

It is still to be known whether the attackers were really Amaravati farmers or TDP men.