Amaravati Vs Vizag protests: Fact Sheet

Amaravati Vs Vizag protests: Fact Sheet

Andhra Pradesh is on boil. CM Jagan's decision to shift capital from Amaravati to Vizag has stirred a huge controversy leaving people, political parties divided. This has resulted in protests in Amaravati by its farmers who had voluntarily offered their lands to then state government under Land Pooling Scheme (LPS). As the lands to be returned by government/ APCRDA can't be used for farming anymore, there is a genuine concern from the farmers in addition to their expectations towards their voluntary contribution to government for capital works.

On flip side, the political protests in Vizag against opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu trying to block him entering into Uttarandhra is clearly political protest motivated by ruling party leaders.

So, the very nature of protests and the way they are taking turn imply their purpose. Threatening and provoking violence is observed in Vizag whereas Amaravati witnessed mostly silent and peaceful protests. Even the police action in Vizag is raising a lot of concerns and drawing severe criticism. While police are trying to restrict or act against the protesters in Amaravati, the same police officials have tried to detain Naidu citing law and order issue and violent protesters.

Coming to media role, Yes, there is no denying that media houses in AP are biased. But that doesn't mean the protests of Amaravati farmers can be compared to protests in Vizag against Naidu. As AP's situation getting worse with each passing day and the business and normal life of people getting affected drastically resulting in the economic slowdown and loss of employment, it is very high time that Centre must step in to set right the state.

Janasena's Pawan who struck an alliance with BJP should also mount pressure on Modi and Shah. BJP's state leadership too should intervene. At the moment, people in AP are praying that 'God only save AP'.