Tough times for Dependent Kids in US

Tough times for Dependent Kids in US

If your known ones, who've grown up in United States of America and dependent on H1-B holders - they are expected to return to India as Donald Trump-led nation will no longer allow H4-dependents above 21 to stay in their country.

Now that United States president Donald Trump dismissed DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy which was introduced by former government led by Barack Obama, the H4 dreamers will lose apparently the eligibility to stay back in US as H1-B dependents and now, only the employment based visas can save them legally - or the policy correction by Trump.

Those dependent children, below 21, are not being able to apply for scholarships & loans. Furthermore, many students grieve about missing a medical seat in top-rated universities while the fellow-students have began to pursue it. A report suggests that more than 1.5 million legal & highly-skilled immigrants are suffering the impact of this policy-change.

With a view to fight this situation, all the H4 dreamers have started a movement in US and reaching out to their respective Congresspersons and other legislators so they can get some help from government. The movement is slowly taking up the heat and dreamers want Indian govt to voice out the support in favor of them.

Every year, USCIS receives more than one lakh green card applications and out of all,5600 number of green cards will be issued to applicants under EB2/EB3 category. I.e around 1.5 million green card applications are in the back log by the end of 2016.