Trump Proposed to End Visa Lottery System!

Trump Proposed to End Visa Lottery System!

US President Donald Trump has proposed to bring an end to the visa lottery system. If passed by the Congress, the law can significantly reduce the green card backlogs for highly skilled immigrants. This proposal may especially benefit thousands of Indian IT professionals who, as per the existing law, are being made to wait for decades to get Green Cards, which allows permanent residency and is a path to US citizenship.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Programme awards up to 50,000 green cards per year from countries with low rates of emigration to the US. Immigrants from any one particular country may not receive more than seven percent of diversity visas annually.

Trump's administration wants to terminate this system as the President believes that the lottery system chooses the undeserving individuals and not the best and the brightest whom the US govt. wants to select. Another reason is, in recent past, several of the home grown terrorists came to the US either on diversity visa or chain migration.

"Eliminate lottery and reallocate the visas to reduce the family-based 'backlog' and high-skilled employment 'backlog'," said an official statement from the White House.

If the proposal becomes a law, it may hugely benefit thousands of qualified Indian IT professionals who have been waiting in queue for years to get green cards because of the current country quota system.

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