In Talk: Bigg Boss2 Lady Gives Up Hopes

At a time when Bigg Boss2 is giving them day to day fame, many thought that it will take their prospects in film Industry to next level. But that is not happening as these contestants lot all of that once the show got over.

Take the case of Tejaswi Madivada for example, who has got immense craze for her pep talks in the reality show. Ever since her exit, the actress tried her best to cash on the new found craze, but haven't worked. She has donned the hat of an anchor for a comedy show that has legendary Brahmanandam as a judge, but that stint is also not getting full marks.

And recently she was seen flaunting her hotness all around as she posed in some revealing poses and shared those pictures with her fans on social media. Isn't that giving a signal that she has given up hopes on #BigBoss2 craze?

Other contestants like Kaushal are touring the world, while Geetha Madhuri is not seen anywhere, and Tanish, Samrat partying all the time with friends since their exit from the show.