Costly Villain To Feature In Classic Sequel!

Costly Villain To Feature In Classic Sequel!

Can you imagine buying someone else's husband for a cool crore? While divorces and high-budgeted alimonies are a regular these days, the concept of selling husband for money was a super hit when director SV Krishna Reddy made Subhalagnam with this story in 1994.

Taking Jagapathi Babu's image as a family hero to the next level, Subhalagnam that features Aamani and Roja in the leading roles as heroines, was a super hit then. The film has Aamani selling her husband Jagapathi to Roja for 1 crore but later realizes that her life has become empty after she sends away husband.

25 years later, when Jagapathi has become a costly villain in Tollywood right now, we hear that he will be doing a sequel to this film. 70mm Entertainments that produced Yatra is likely to bankroll this sequel of Subhalagnam under the direction of a newcomer, say reports.

We have to see if still, Jagapathi would feature as that husband who gets sold or there will be any twist to the narrative.

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