Indian couple found dead in Texas, US

Indian couple found dead in Texas, US

An Indian couple, Sreenivas Nakirekanti and Shanti, lived in the Texas, US, for quite some time. Today, the couple was found dead at their residence. The cause of death still needs to be investigated between murder and suicide.

When cops were called in the evening 6 AM to the Sreenivas's residence at Sugar Land city, they found the bodies of the couple lying at different rooms. Shanti was found in the driveway with a gunshot wound to her head and Sreenivas was found in the bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The cops and Sugar Land city spokesperson Doug Adolph confirmed that they also found a handgun near Sreenivas. As per the speculations, Sreenivas must have killed Shanti and then shot himself with a gun. During the incident, their 16-year-old daughter was asleep and answered the doorbell when cops came. She told them that her father was not answering from the bedroom even after many trails.

Currently, their daughter is in the custody of close friends. As per the information received from friends, the departed couple also have a son who is 21 years and studied at the University of Texas. Having two strong possibilities of murder and suicide, the family life of the couple also suggested that there was no domestic violence involved before.

Late Sreenivas was a director at an energy company in Houston and Shanti was a computer programmer. The couple had a good friends circle and were involved in a lot of charitable organizations.