Pic Talk: Nayantara Unveils Babies Faces on Their First Anniversary

One of the most talented actresses in South cinema, Nayanthara, and top director Vinesh Shivan are celebrating their one-year anniversary today.

The couple is overjoyed to be together and marking the occasion with each other. Sharing a touching note on Instagram, Shivan expressed his love for his wife and children – they recently welcomed twins via surrogacy last year on October 9th. In an emotional post that showcases the couple’s beautiful family, Shivan also unveiled pictures of their children holding them in Nayantara’s hand while beaming with happiness.

He has posted “Got married to you yesterday! 😍❤️ Love you #Thangamey ! Jus starting our life with all the love and blessings! Long way to go! Lots to accomplish together! With all the goodwill of all the good people in our lives and the abundant blessings of GodAlmighty ❤️ bringing in the second year of our marriage with the greatest blessings of our lives”

He also captioned “1 year filled with a lotta moments! Lotta Ups and downs. Unexpected setbacks! Testing times ! But coming home to see a blessed family with immense love and affection reinstates soo much confidence and gives all the energy to keep running towards all the dreams and goals already manifested! holding everything together, together with my – My Uyirs & Ulagams 😌😍
The strength given by the family makes all the difference! blessed with the best of people 😍😌☺️😊 striving to give them a good life is all the motivation that’s needed for hustlers like me 😇❤️”

It’s a joyous day for the happy family as they celebrate both their love for each other and their growing family.