Snacks Bill: Lokesh Files 75 Cr Defamation On Sakshi

Post the 2019 general elections, Sakshi media in its print edition carried out an exclusive feature against TDP MLC Nara Lokesh alleging that his snack bill was Rs 25 Lakh when he was IT minister for the state. A national magazine and an English newspaper copied Sakshi’s article and the news spread all over the nation.

Denying this report and sensing a foul play by Sakshi media, Nara Lokesh approached the court. Lokesh sued Sakshi newspaper for Rs 75 crore on defamation charges and this case’s hearing was held earlier in the day.

Speaking on this case, Lokesh said, “Today I arrived for cross examination. Instead of filing a counter, the opponent is making deliberate attempts to delay this case. But thanks to the judge who set a deadline for Sakshi to file a counter petition. By February 28th, Saskhi media has to respond to my defamation suit, otherwise the court will decide the due course as per law.”

Targeting Sakshi, Lokesh added that Jagan’s media is doing a negative campaign against him even before he entered politics. “When YS Viveka was murdered, Sakshi conspired against our party chief Chandrababu. Jagan attacks his opponents with every weapon in his hands but we are not afraid of his tactics. Whoever attempts to play the blame game against us without facts, I will drag everyone to the court,” said Lokesh.

Reacting to the insult his mother faced, Lokesh took a vow that he will not spare the leaders who used derogatory language against my mother. “AP Assembly has seen the way my mother was humiliated and just imagine the consequences if me or my party had dragged Jagan’s mother or wife or daughters. But that’s not Telugu Desam’s culture yet the people who insulted my mother should apologise and I will not leave them any at cost,” added Lokesh.