CM Jagan Has Qualities Of God: Dy CM Swamy

YCP leader Narayana Swamy was one of the few who were retained by AP CM YS Jagan in the revamped cabinet. Yet again Swamy became the deputy Chief Minister with the Excise department as the portfolio. On Monday Swamy took charge as minister and he held Jagan’s photo in hand while entering his chamber. Usually newly sworn-in ministers carry their favourite God’s photo while taking charge.

Reacting to his actions, Dy CM Swamy said, “CM Jagan is a human being with the attributes of God… That is why I entered the chamber holding his (Jagan) photo. Jagan doesn’t get lured by begging or falling on his feet. He believes in the leaders who seriously work for the party and supports them with ministry or other posts.”

This is not the first time that Narayana Swamy praised AP CM Jagan. Just before the cabinet reshuffle, Swamy predicted that Jagan would become the Prime Minister of India in another 15 years.

The deputy also commented on the community representation in the AP cabinet. “This is not Reddy (community) Rajyam… This is the time of Backward class people who are getting big political opportunities. Jagan’s government’s high priority is to uplift the lives of weaker sections in the society. Seeing this, the Reddy community is of the opinion that it would be better if they were born in backward classes,” added Swamy.

Narayana Swamy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to worshipping Jagan but sometimes it goes over the board.