These Acts Distancing Jagan To Public

People in Ganapavaram have been facing inconvenience due to a curfew-like situation in the village with the police imposing restrictions since this morning. Prohibitions have been enforced to ensure security for Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s visit to the village. Reddy will launch the Rythu Bharosa programme in the village today.

The entire village has been cordoned off so much so that no vehicles are being allowed to enter or leave the village. Police ensured that all shops are also closed, ahead of the CM’s visit. Barricades have been put up with iron rods all through the route through which Jagan’s convoy would pass through the village. Usually, people in the village commute to Bhimavaram and Tadaepalligudem frequently for their daily needs. However, since this morning, life has come to a standstill in the village.

Before the elections, Jagan had undertaken a padayatra to get close to the people and know about their grievances and problems. At that time, he kissed people and tried to be one among the masses. After being voted to power, he kept iterating that his aim was to uplift the poor and underprivileged and has been implementing welfare programmes in abundance and is even borrowing heavily only to continue the welfare schemes for the poor, remind political observers.

However, in reality, the officials are ensuring that Jagan enjoys his supremacy wherever he goes and accordingly, keeping the people who voted him to power, at bay. Voters are being alienated from the political leaders, whom they have elected to act as their representatives, pointed out the opposition leaders.

It could also be that the police are being overenthusiastic to prove their loyalty to their higher authorities, in view of the fast approaching Assembly elections, they opined.