Viral Pic: The State With Highest Petrol Price In Country!

Here is the viral picture that is widely circulated online. The picture shows the petrol prices of the states. Andhra Pradesh is selling the Petrol at Rs 120 per litre which is the highest in the country. Telangana is selling the Petrol at Rs 109 per litre.

While the petrol is costing Rs 96.72 in national capital Delhi, it is costing Rs 96.53 in Uttar Pradesh and Rs 96.31 in Gujarat, the fuel rates are relatively costlier in the South. Petrol price in Maharashtra is Rs 109.24, Rs 101.51 in Karnataka, Rs 105.89 in Kerala, Rs 103.09 in Tamil Nadu, Rs 102.45 in Chhattisgarh and Rs 103.19 in Odisha. The states with least petrol prices are Uttarakhand (Rs 95.22), Assam (Rs 96.01), Punjab (Rs 96.50).

The Telugu states are in the limelight after the Centre imposed a cut in the excise duty. After the latest excise cut, the incidence of central tax on petrol will come down to ₹ 19.9 a litre and that on diesel to ₹ 15.8 per litre. Post this cut, the petrol prices came down by Rs 8 per litre and the diesel price cut by Rs 6 per litre.