Step down as CM if you can’t build Amaravati: RRR

Narasapuram MP and YCP rebel K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju criticized their government for selling ‘sub-standard liquor’ under various brands but still claiming that they have been selling good quality liquor at cheap prices. If you are producing quality liquor why should you rename them as Andhra Gold, Nobel Prize, etc., he asked.

The question here is not who is manufacturing but who is supervising the operations at the breweries, the MP said and added that several people close to Jagan Mohan Reddy were involved in it.

He also criticized the YCP government for bringing in IAS officers from small services into the state to head important wings like the finance and state beverages corporation and alleged that it was being done only to carry out all the operations as the CM wanted to happen without any intervention from the higher officials.

Amaravati lands

The rebel MP also said that the CM does not have any right to sale the Amaravati lands and that he would also move the court to stall such a move. He also advised the farmers to approach the court regarding the same issue.

What is the need to issue GOs in the night when the people have every right to know what the government is doing, he asked.

The MP took exception to the government trying to sell farmers’ lands to give the tenancy to the same farmers. You think people are not noticing what you are doing, he asked.

“It would be better to step down, if you cannot build Amaravati,” he said.

Cash only

Once again, the rebel MP questioned why was the state government insisting on cash transactions only at the liquor shops while the entire world was switching to online mode of payments. He alleged that cash alone was being accepted at the shops only to carry on illegal activities and divert money collected from the customers into other accounts than the treasury.

“Before the elections, Jagan promised to implement prohibition but after being elected to power, the CM says that he wants to sell liquor as the revenue from it would help him implement all the schemes under Navaratnalu. When the Opposition parties pointed out the same, Jagan says that the TDP was not able to bear the increasing popularity for the YCP government due to the implementation of various welfare schemes and so was hatching a conspiracy. Why should someone hatch a conspiracy when you yourself are on a slippery ground and sliding down? When you are ending life by your ownself where is the need for someone to murder you,” he asked.

If the government is really transparent and honest and has no intention of diverting money from the liquor shops, online and digital payments should be accepted from tomorrow morning itself, he demanded.

Atmakur bypoll

He also made a mockery of the YCP leaders for claiming that the landslide victory registered by the party in the Atmakur bypoll was due to the rising support to the party among the public while in fact, it was due to the good reputation Mekapati family has in that constituency.

“When the popularity of YCP is increasing why should the party leaders cry that the opposition parties were getting united to pull the government from power. It is an unnecessary exercise. When you are confident that you have people’s support, go ahead with it and prove yourself in the next elections,” he suggested.