After Truss’ exit, Boris Johnson mulls comeback


After Liz Truss’ resignation as Britain’s Prime Minister a couple of days ago, her predecessor Boris Johnson is reportedly eyeing to make a comeback.

Following a turbulent 45 days in office, Truss decided to make an exit. Her mini-budget crashed the markets and her resignation makes her the UK’s shortest-serving PM.

There is speculation that Johnson is likely to make a comeback after Truss’ exit. It has been only six weeks that Johnson had left No. 10 after being forced out by MPs of his own Conservative party following a slew of scandals. However, Johnson’s supporters are calling on him to run again for a second tenure at leading the country.

Meanwhile, there are Johnson’s critics too who even threatened to defect to the Labour if he was chosen as the leader again.

In just two months, the British people are poised to have their third prime minister. Hours after Truss’ resignation, The Times of London carried reports that  Johnson “is expected to stand” in the next Tory leadership contest. The Guardian also reported that Johnson believes it is in the “national interest” for him to run, citing an anonymous ally while CNN said that Johnson would indeed “run again,” and attributed the claim to a couple of people who worked with him during his last campaign.

There is talk that the conservatives would lose power if polls were held today as part of the punishment by the voters for tumultuous weeks spent during Truss’ rule.

After her resignation, Labour leader Keir Starmer called for an immediate general election and said that Britain could not afford to “have another experiment at the top of the Tory party.”

On Friday, Rishi Sunak became the first Tory leadership contender to secure the 100-nomination threshold to run for the party leader, indicating that he too is in the race for the UK President post.