Viral Pic: Bandi, Revanth & Kasani, The Combo That Worry KCR!

At Raj Bhavan, a grand dinner was hosted for President of India, Droupadi Murmu. This dinner event attracted a lot of eyes with a unique collaboration.

Like always Telangana CM KCR skipped the dinner but Chief Secretary and other BRS ministers attended the event. Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay, T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy made it to the dinner.  After greeting President Murmu, both walked towards their seats.

Then Bandi and Revanth had a long conversation and after some time Telangana TDP chief Kasani Gnaneshwar joined the two. For a lot of time, they had deep discussions but it is unclear whether it is connected to politics.

This collaboration of Bandi, Revanth and Kasani brought a panic mode in BRS. Learning about this development, KCR is said to be enquiring on it with intelligence sources.

Bandi and Revanth are strong opponents of KCR and both want to dethrone the BRS chief in the next elections. Telangana BJP and Telangana TDP are most likely to reunite before the polls and political analysts believe that 2023 elections are not going to be a cake walk for KCR.