Wanted, A Strong & Powerful Leader For Kapus!

The Kapus lacks proper leadership which is proving a major hurdle in its uplift and welfare of the community. The issue has drawn attention once again after political veteran Hari Rama Jogaiah’s Deeksha seeking special quota for the community. At the age of 80+ this veteran is fighting for Kapus, where as he is not getting enough support from the community. At one side Mudragada is completely surrounded to Jagan, there is a need of strong leadership to fight for this community.

Lack of an efficient leader had resulted in dispersal of prominent leaders of that community to various political parties. Despite comprising a sizeable number in the population and necessary funding sources, lack of unity among the Kapus, apparently, is the major cause for their failure in politics, says political analysys.

Jena Senani Pawan Kalyan, though belonging to the Kapu community, abstains from claiming to be the leader of that community as he aspires to be the Chief Minister. Time and again, he said that there was a need to be amicable with people of all communities and castes, if he was a true leader.

He had advocated the cause of the Kapus several times but never called upon the community members to get united under his leadership. Meanwhile, Kapu leaders in the YCP – Perni Nani and Ambati Rambabu, keep lambasting at Pawan Kalyan often times for lacking political integrity and dedication.

It may be recalled that it was due to splitting of Kapu votes that Pawan Kalyan suffered a humiliating defeat in both the constituencies from where he contested during the last elections.

A month ago, three Kapu leaders – Bonda Uma of the TDP, former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao and BJP former state president Kanna Lakshminarayana, met over dinner and reportedly discussed the action plan for consolidating the political identity of the Kapus. However, there were no reports about the outcome of the closed door meeting.